Tuesday, March 4, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Orphax “Undone”

            At first glance, you see this release from Orphax and how it is four songs and each one is titled “Undone 1”, “Undone 2”, etc. with the album title being “Undone” and you might not think that it’s very clever, but you know what?   This is still leaps and bounds above any self-titled album ever released in terms of title creativity.

            The songs you find here within are quiet and ambient.   They are peaceful and you could very much meditate to them even.   This adjective either gets tossed around too much or not enough, but these songs are definitely serene. 

            They remind me of the sound of putting your ear up to a seashell and hearing what is said to be the ocean.   I highly doubt Orphax recorded inside of a seashell though, so how do you capture that sound?  How do you replicate that in this manner?   It baffles and amazes me at the same time.

            There are whooshes and whirrs before the fades in and out come on, like someone is messing the speaker setting on a stereo (level, front/back, left/right, whatever) and the last song does end up being really quiet. 

            Overall these are just good songs to listen when you want a relaxing day on the beach state of mind but cannot get there.  Better yet, take these songs with you and listen to them on the beach for double the bliss.  

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