Friday, March 7, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Kamrar / Lost Trail split (Centipede Farm)

                This is  yet another in a series of splits that I found through Band Camp by searching under the cassette tag and, yes, I do love splits and especially when they are on cassette because the sides seem to be divided rather nicely. 

                The odd thing about this split right off is that it’s divided into ten tracks, the first one is Kamar and then the rest are Lost Trail.   That might not seem like a very fair deal, but if I added it up they probably do come out to be about the same length because the lone Kamrar track is about a half hour long while the Lost Trail songs are in the three to four minute average.

                The Kamar track does appear to have stops in it though, as if it could have been broken into separate tracks like Lost Trail, but whatever—I’m here to write about the music not how it is being divided.  (Or am I??)

                What begins with soft horns and animalistic noises channels the otherwise ambient noises you’d expect, but Kamrar does bring out some sorts of old school western piano bits as well as something that borders on a twisted version of The Who.   They take the idea of ambient noise and add something quite their own to it and for that, I do enjoy the Kamrar side of this a bit.

                Lost Trail comes out sounding like smoke, and they splice in the audio clips before turning into static waves which would just sound smashing on cassette I bet.  This is definitely haunting in ways as it makes the wind sound like ghosts and, well, now I’ll never be able to feel a breeze the same way again.  

            Overall this is just a fairly complex piece of music that I enjoy immensely from all involved and you should really be listening to this if you are not afraid.  

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