Friday, March 28, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: AyGeeTee “Eternity’s Conceit” (Reckno)

            There are two tracks to AyGeeTee’s “Eternity’s Conceit” and each is an even 18:18 which leads me to believe that each track would equal a side of the cassette.    The beginning of the first side is a bevy of drum machine beats which include the popular clapping sound that you tend to hear in a lot of electronic music.   On this particular portion of the track, however, it gets an almost Stomp-like tribal beat going, which is quite interesting.

            There are some sort of vocals, but only slightly, before we turn from claps into beeps and the first side concludes.  There are an awful lot of loops on here and I’m okay with that.   Side B is no stranger to the loops either, as we have these sort of jungle type beats that make you think more of drums being banged in South Africa than what people refer to as “jungle” when you go to the club.

            After about fourteen minutes, the last four minutes of this cassette will conclude with an ambient sort of synth, which is rather relaxing if nothing else, what with all of that dancing and moving I assume we were all doing together.  

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