Friday, March 7, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: The Dwellers “Less is More” (Holy Infinite Freedom Revival Records)

                The Dwellers are a rare band in this day and age, in the sense that they can combine seemingly numerous types of music, generate the flow of one sound and somehow still please my ears even though some of the comparisons I can draw might not be made to things you’d find in my normal rotation.

                At first, I liked to call this a folk version of Bayside, which is in and of itself cool, and then it blends into more of an electronic twee.   There are elements of Pinback or perhaps something that was once on Polyvinyl back when Aloha was first making their splash there.

                There exists a heavy Beatles influence, but also there is some sort of chamber sound coming out as well, like Animal Flag or Youth Lagoon.   There are parts on Side B where it sounds like The Killers are meeting Mumford, as well as the sort of mellow Flaming Lips trippy sound.

                Toward the end, there is a sound that becomes sad, despondent and even bleak before the drumbeats kick in.  This particularly reminds me of “Paranoid Android”, which again is not something high on my playlist but somehow with the overall flow of this album it just seems to work.

                The Dwellers are like master chefs: they combine ingredients you might not enjoy individually to create an overall burrito or roll of sushi or something that is right with the taste buds.   I don’t know how they do it, but this is a good one. 

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