Saturday, February 15, 2014

SPOTIFY REVIEW: Sun Kil Moon "Benji" (Caldo Verde Records)

             Sun Kil Moon is a weird band.  At its heart, it’s a darker version of a folk version of Counting Crows.  There are hints of country and Johnny Cash, sure, but I don’t really mind this musically.  In fact, musically I do believe that this is a pretty solid album.

            What I don’t like about this album are the lyrics.  I don’t think any of these songs really have lyrics that I care about or want to hear again.  From him loving his mother more than anything else to glorifying random shootings, I think this is just an issue of songs being sung about things we don’t need to hear about.

            Now I’m not saying that we should push our problems under the rug, but do you honestly believe that Nicolas Cage being in a movie about 9/11 was a good idea?

            Why wasn’t it?

            Well, because, then the terrorists think, “Hey, Hollywood seems to be out of ideas.  Let’s blow off a chunk of Florida and give Mel Gibson a new vehicle”.

            No one really thinks like that.

            Oh, so you think like a terrorist now?

            Well, no… But…

            So then what’s to say someone won’t go and shoot up a mall, movie theater or their school in hopes that one of their musical heroes writes a song about it?  You can’t tell me no one thinks like that because you can’t tell me how these crazy, fucked up souls think.   I just believe in the motto of “do not feed the trolls” and on some level, this feeds into them only with human lives being at stake over, you know, hurt feelings on the internet.  

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