Saturday, February 22, 2014

SPOTIFY REVIEW: Sabina "Toujours" (Bar/None Records)

             One thing that Sabina is not afraid to do is rock the cowbell, and I do enjoy that part of this album.  There are hints of a western movie, but it isn’t exactly country.  The second song is fuzzy and has quite catchy lyrics, which should just hook you right in.

            Between the pop sounds and something of a classic rock era like War, the music mainly falls into a category of the movie Desperado or Rango, but also it reminds me in a very large way of Charro.   There are horns at times even, but that just furthers my Rango comparison.

            I’m not the biggest fan of Charro, but this does have an appeal that speaks to my inner pop child as well as my desire to one day travel back in time like Back to the Future 3 and become a gunslinger.  

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