Friday, February 14, 2014

SPOTIFY REVIEW: The New Mendicants "Into the Lime" (One Little Indian)

             The New Mendicants have an EP from last year that I somehow missed and now they have this full length as well.   It’s pretty cool that this is an indie pop super group as it is half The Pernice Brothers and half Teenage Fan Club.   If you like either of those bands, then this is right for you.

            If you’ve never heard either of those bands before, now is your chance.  And if you’ll take this as a generic Beatles almost bordering on Beach Boys comparison, just trust me that you will like this because it’s that clean cut sort of pop rock that doesn’t get overbearing but just makes you want to bob your head and possibly tap your foot.

            There is also a song on here called “A Very Sorry Christmas”, which I hope I can remember to listen to again come the end of the year.   Someone send me a reminder?  Please?  

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