Monday, February 3, 2014

SPOTIFY REVIEW: Bad Things "Bad Things" (Warner Bros.)

            Several years ago, I saw these sneakers that I really wanted.  They were mostly a solid blue, but they were pretty bright and just caught my eye.   I never really liked wearing anything with laces, but these had laces and I was somehow okay with that.

            When I looked at the sneakers up close, I saw that they were branded by Shawn White and had a retail price of $39.99.   Again, I liked the simplicity of them, but $40 for a pair of basically one colored sneakers seemed like a rip off and I wouldn’t be willing to pay that much for, well, almost any sneakers actually.

            Ultimately, as these things always do, the sneakers went on clearance.  And when I had found them, boy had the price dropped.   I paid $6.48 plus applicable taxes for them, which was kind of amazing since they also had them in my size and usually no shoes are sold in my size anywhere ever. 

            The moral of the story here, folks, is that this band, Bad Things, in which Shawn White is a part of, is in very many ways like his sneakers, which I like to keep as a reminder of such things.  Bad Things music is built and marketed around a $39.99 retail price, yet they’d still make money selling them to me for $6.48, which just goes to show you what their actual worth is.  The fact that both the sneakers and band have Shawn White in common seems coincidental.  I think.

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