Friday, February 7, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: The Wiggins “Duane Jones (lost recordings) EP”

                I must confess that I will listen to and enjoy most anything that The Wiggins put out.   Whenever I see their name pop up on my Band Camp searches, my face lights up like it probably once did on Christmas morning as a child (Though I have since lost enthusiasm for the holidays, so I guess music is my holiday now)

                This rather fuzzy garage punk sort of sound could really be about anything.  There could be an album dedicated entirely to swear words, where each song just repeats the same otherwise censored word and I’d probably still enjoy it.   Especially if it means the word “fuck” is said two hundred times and then someone asks, “What is this song called?”

                What I’d really like is to see The Wiggins make a kids album, and not anything fancy just your typical songs aimed at children like “Wheels on the Bus” and what not.   Though no matter what genre The Wiggins music comes out under I will always be able to find it so long as they keep representing the H-Town.

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