Friday, January 3, 2014

SPOTIFY REVIEW: Memoryhouse "The Slideshow Effect"

            There are few versions of music that I don’t actually like (When you break it down, it comes out as being something like “unoriginal” and/or “not passionate”, and thus it comes down more to the qualities of their music over genre, per se) and Memoryhouse manages to spread out over at least three different genres that I do enjoy.

            We begin with a very powerful and moving track, which has dark drum beats and is sultry, with almost siren like vocals.  There are also some strings, which just further enhance the atmospheric quality of the album as it begins.

            From the second song and onward, we get some kind of cross with that almost folk/country sort of indie rock, which reminds me of anything from Paula Cole to The Decemberists.   Ultimately, we also stop upon a dream pop indie rock type of sound that I can compare with The Rocking Horse Winner but few else.

            It is entirely possible that I need to eat more Mexican themed food (Who doesn’t?) but Memoryhouse reminds me a lot of the way Mexican cuisine takes the same elements you like and combines them or presents them in different ways—like the difference between a soft taco, crunchy taco or burrito, even if the ingredients inside are similar. 

            Memoryhouse is a lot of what you like already, just presented in a different way and with a different mix.  So it’s not straight up “Oh, this is good because it’s The Rocking Horse Winner but not” or any single band name thrown in there, but something more like a mix.  

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