Friday, January 3, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Hannah D’Arcy “Probably Hormonal”

                Hannah D’Arcy crafts 5 songs on “Probably Hormonal” that interlace that contemporary rock sound with the modern or alternative rock that bridged us from the decline of grunge up until now.  Such influences can be heard as Florence Welch perhaps, for the now, but then there are also hints of something older (but not too old) along the lines of The Cranberries or Live (at least musically).  

                For that perfect in between now and then sound I also can hear Delta Dart coming out in these songs and they were one of my favorite bands for the seemingly short run they had.

                Aside from the musical excellence of this, I also came to find out via the Band Camp description that monies from this tape will go to charity, which you can read about yourself when you order it.    While I see no real reason why you shouldn’t own this wonderful piece of music on cassette, the fact that it’s for charity just makes it that much better.  

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