Monday, January 13, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Eerie Summer “Eerie Summer”

                This is a bit of dream pop with the emphasis on the pop.   Musically, these six songs are somewhere between the aforementioned dream pop genre and the 1960’s rock n roll style.  Lyrically, and overall, they’re fairly catchy without being overly annoying.

                Each song has the quality that the chorus repeats the title.   The first song, for instance, is about being jealous and hence, it’s called “Jealous”.  It’s one of those things where you hear the song and wonder, “What is this song called?” look at the track title and then realize it makes perfect sense.

                Never boring or repetitive in their simplicity, Eerie Summer have created an EP worth listening to by any fan of rock n roll, almost taking it back to that mainstream era where kids could sing along with a band like The Beatles or an Elvis Presley, yet they don’t adhere to the standards of today’s pop acts. (Thankfully)

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