Monday, December 23, 2013

SPOTIFY REVIEW: Gauntlet Hair "Stills"

             The first thing that I read about Gauntlet Hair that caught my eye was how they made their debut.  A blog which reviews music put out their demo 7” and limited it to 500 copies.  This got me to thinking:  I’m a blog that reviews music.  Should I put out someone’s demo tape or 7” or… No, I will not. 

            As much as I like music, for the foreseeable future I plan on only reviewing it (and secretly making it).   It’d be too hard to be involved with a label as well because all of my reviews of music the label released would be “I took out several small loans to make this happen, so obviously I think it’s good”. 

            Lou Reed comes out first off in this album, which brings out the dream rock and slight psychedelia.   They also have a drum machine and that can lead to new wave or the more obvious choice of a Replacements reference.   Really, this isn’t bad but it’s not great either. 

            Gauntlet Hair is basically a band I wouldn’t mind see opening for another band, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to see them live.  Coincidentally, they’ve opened some shows for Surfer Blood and that’s a perfect example right there.

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