Tuesday, December 17, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Valley Girls “winter demo”

                When I first stumbled upon this demo on Band Camp, it had a download price of $666.  I thought it kind of odd that someone would charge $222 per song, though I get the intended humor of the number “666”.     So as I took a few days and decided to go back to look at this one more time, it came up as a “Name Your Price” download. 

                All of that aside, these are three solid songs that leave me wondering questions that I might not really want answered.   The music comes on hard and fast and reminds me of Foo Fighters right off the bat.    This ties in the grunge label, but hey, it’s cool because this is the type of music I’ve been listening to lately, and by lately I mean my entire life.

                The absence of vocals leaves this music perhaps most interesting, as this is a “demo”.   If this was not a demo, I wouldn’t even begin to explore this outside of an instrumental field (and if they stay an instrumental band I will be just as impressed for their musical talent)

                Having a name with “girls” in it makes me think of this band as having a female singer, which is not always the case though because there are plenty of bands that defy that concept.  (Isn’t there a band just called “Girls” but is made up of guys?) 

                At the same time, male vocals done right or even male and female vocals would be something of wonder.    Regardless of whether or not these songs ever get vocals or Valley Girls stay instrumental, the fact is this is something rocking music that pleases me and not just because I’ve been spending a lot of time in the Soul Asylum catalogue lately.  

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