Tuesday, December 10, 2013

CASSETTE REVIEW: Chasms “The Science of Consciousness” (Bridgetown Records)

                Bridgetown Records has taken cassette tapes to a new level, as bands such as Chasms can put out one song per side and have what would in years past seem like a cassette single or cassingle.    In reality though, this is quite an interesting take on modern music as the sounds of Chasms are ambient and instrumental.

                Rather than having a pop song on one side that comes on and is quickly forgotten about when the b-side leaves the inevitable “good but not as good” taste in your mouth, Chasms instead uses this medium to show how ambient music can be effect even in short bursts.

                The two songs are both instrumental and the synth is coming through seemingly in waves.  It’s quite an experience that, for me, just simply cannot be capture digitally, on CD or even on vinyl. 

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