Tuesday, November 26, 2013

SPOTIFY REVIEW: Luscious Jackson "Magic Hour"

            I love Luscious Jackson.  You might not meet a bigger fan of “Fever In Fever Out” than me.  When I heard they were releasing this new album this year, I was quite excited.

            For the most part, this album is good and what you’d expect from Luscious Jackson, but I prefer to stick with their older material because this has two rather embarrassing aspects to it.

            First off, they reference the show “Dancing with the Stars” in one of their songs, to which the lyric is actually “I can see you through the window watching DWTS”.   Not only is the mention of that show a deal breaker for me, but the fact that they also shortened it into the nickname just further implies they love it and that repulses me even more.

            (And yes, they spell it out as D-W-T-S, which is even a bit weirder)

            The second and perhaps worst part of this album is the song “#1 Bum”,   No one involved in the making of that song, straight down to every single last person who said, “Yeah, that should be on the album” and let it make the final cut should be ashamed of themselves and apologize on behalf of musicians everywhere.

            If you omit that one song (I skip it) and try not to hear the DWTS reference, then yeah, solid album.  

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