Tuesday, November 12, 2013

SPOTIFY REVIEW: Katy Perry "Prism"

            All at once, it seemed like three strong women came onto the pop rock scene and they all had their different songs.  Ke$ha had “Tik Tok”, Lady Gaga had “Bad Romance” and Katy Perry had “Hot n Cold” (because I missed the boat on the “I Kissed a Girl” single, sorry)

            Of the three, while I have enjoyed them all, my favorite has always been Ke$ha.   Don’t ask me why, but I can put on any of her songs and just feel uplifted.   Her particular blend of pop should annoy me, but somehow it just works.  (I often suspected subliminal messages)   Lady Gaga is a second favorite, as she seems to be more shock than substance, and we’ll get to her later as she has a new album coming out as well in this, the Year of Music.

            Katy Perry has always been my least favorite of the trio.  I’ve listened to her albums a few times through and was never really caught by them.   When I first heard “Tik Tok”, it immediately drew me to her album which then made me wonder why I had even bothered crossing over to the pop side.

            On her third album, Katy Perry opens with the mega-hit “Roar”, which has that, “Oh yeah, I’ve heard this before, so that’s who sings it!” quality.    After that though, it kind of just goes downhill or slowly teeters along as it just seems to be there.

            None of the other songs stand out in the way that “Roar” does, except for maybe “Birthday” but only because I find it to be a bit disturbing.   In the end of it all, I see Katy Perry as being someone who is best known as a collection of singles rather than albums.   There is nothing wrong with that, unless you happen to be suffering through the albums right now in modern times.  

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