Wednesday, November 6, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Black Hearted Brother “Stars Are Our Home”

                Sometimes the best part about listening to music is being proven wrong in the best possible way.   When “Stars Are Our Home” begins, I thought I had this band pegged as being post rock and instrumental.    However, as it progresses not only do the vocals come out but it also defies that post rock genre.

                While this band does touch on the fuzz and shoegaze, they also bring out the Flaming Lips a little bit in “This is How It Feels”, but then also can go into something more directly related to the Beatles in “If I Was Here to Change Your…”.  

                In that sense it does remind of a diverse band such as What Made Milwaukee Famous, whom I just happen to love ever so much.

                At the core of it, after listening to only the first song, you could easily write Black Hearted Brother off as being instrumental post rock.   However, you’d be wrong and inaccurate by not listening to the entire album through because what started out as already being good only manages to somehow get better.  

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