Wednesday, October 16, 2013

SPOTIFY REVIEW: Hunters s/t (Mom & Pop Music)

             I fully subscribe to the theory that parallel universes exist within our reality.  For every time you went left, there is something occurring on a similar plane only you went right and your life has thus played out accordingly.

            That means that somewhere out there, a world exists in which Kurt Cobain cleaned up, got off drugs, didn’t kill himself and is still alive and making music.   Yeah, yeah, I know.  You don’t need examples of this because there are many bands that sound like Nirvana.

            But what if Kurt Cobain had stayed together with Courtney Love?   And what’s more so, is what if they decided at some point in their musical careers to form a band together, sort of merging Nirvana and Hole into one band?  (I’d call it “Hovana”)

            Well, if they did, it’d probably sound something like this because even the late great Kurt Cobain would have the Mates of State influence.   But yeah, we don’t live in that parallel universe, and unfortunately in this one Kurt Cobain is dead and Courtney Love is becoming a less anthropological version of Yoko Ono.

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