Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tape Waves [Interview # 138]

1)      I am a product of the 1980’s and thus grew up on cassettes.  After spending eight years in Texas, I moved back to my homestate of Connecticut.  I only recently went into my parents’ attic to find some of my old cassette tapes from Duran Duran to New Kids On the Block, all of which still work.  I do feel that water, as in making waves with the tapes, could destroy the playback quality of the music.  Do you find it odd though that cassettes hold up as well as they do over the years, when people used to think they were so fragile?
We are 80's kids too, and we're glad to see bands and labels still putting out releases on cassettes. We don't find it odd that tapes are still around, it's a great, usually cheap way to get a release out.

2)      Why aren’t there more bands with “waves” in their name?  And whatever happened to Not Waving But Drowning?  I'm not sure, there are definitely a few. There are probably a lot more that I'm not familiar with. We aren't familiar with Not Waving But Drowning, I've heard the name years ago. According to this lambgoat article, they broke up in 2002.
3)      You are a duo.  Is that hard, seeing as how there is no tiebreaker in the band? No, it's awesome. We are probably the two most agreeable people you'll meet.
4)      Can you get me bulk deals on Charleston Chews?  In all three flavors?? Sorry, we can't!
5)      You have an EP that is just self-titled, and one that is the self-titled EP (if that makes sense to anyone else), but will you ever have a release with a name?  Can we just call the new EP “Drifting Somewhere” because it’s a combination of the two songs not previously released? The first two songs we put up on bandcamp were essentially a preview of the EP. It wasn't finished yet, but we wanted to share those songs and get some buzz going. So, it's really only the EP, and a preview of the EP. We hope to put out a full-length next, and that will definitely have a name.
6) Final thoughts, shout outs, take over the world tour plans, etc…?? Thanks!

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