Monday, September 23, 2013

SPOTIFY REVIEW: Rogue Wave “Nightingale Floors”

                 I know only two things about Rogue Wave.   First, they were (or possibly still are, but probably not) on Sub Pop.   And second, I once went to interview Two Gallants, and when we went inside the club, the guy from Rogue Wave with crazy hair was all like, “Whoa, you guys can’t be in here yet”, and then Two Gallants were like, “It’s cool, they’re with us”.   Then the Rogue Wave guys seemed pissed like, “We’re like the headliners, we’re on Sub Pop, why aren’t we being interviewed instead?”

                But, let’s just say this is my first time hearing this band and go with a clean slate, shall we?

                Oh look, they have commentary tracks on Spotify: I wonder if crazy hair dude will tell my story.  I’m pretty sure it’s the basis for the song “The Closer I Get”. 

                And as I stand here before you today, only knowing slightly more about Rogue Wave than I did when I first found out they existed all those years ago, I must say that I am still indifferent to their music and would not have been in the least bit affected had I never heard this album. 

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