Tuesday, September 24, 2013

SPOTIFY REVIEW: Queens of the Stone Age “…:Like Clockwork”

             I’m not sure if it’s the Facebook ads or what, but I seem to be hearing a lot about this album like it’s the second coming of The Beatles or something.   I feel like this album, however good, is being overhyped for the following reasons:

1)     What did you expect from Queens of the Stone Age?  Did you expect this album not to rock?
2)     It’s not like they’re Vampire Weekend and they’ve gone “good, better, best”.  This is the same par as the rest of their albums if not a slight decline because…
3)     They do have better albums than this (Maybe it just hasn’t grown on me yet)

4)     But come on, it’s QOTSA!  Did you somehow go into this with low expectations for some reason?  If so, why??

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