Saturday, September 21, 2013

SPOTIFY REVIEW: No Joy “Wait to Pleasure”

             I was under the impression that I had already reviewed this album, but when I searched the archives for it I came up empty.

            No Joy has a sound that can be somewhat industrial synth rock, helping them to sound like Garbage only not.   They have a crawling, distorted bass sound at times as well, making them sound like Cranberries only not.

            The vocals also aren’t like those of Cranberries or Garbage, but rather closer to a happier, sort of upbeat sound, which is a nice contrast to the music itself.

            For a band that calls themselves No Joy, you’d expect this album to be a lot of doom and gloom, but on the contrary a song such as “Blue Neck Riviera” gets some beats that almost make you want to dance. 

            It’s not overly obnoxious or happy, which is good, but it also isn’t really sullen either.   It seems to be the perfect range of emotion and sets the mood quite nicely for whatever occasion you might have planned.

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