Tuesday, September 24, 2013

SPOTIFY REVIEW: Medicine “To the Happy Few”

                You know the more and more bands I hear in this shoegaze/dream pop era of music, the more female vocals I hear.  I really like that, because growing up I felt like I didn’t have enough positive female role models in the world of music (Courtney Love? Sheryl Crow?  Jewel’s awful book of poetry?)

                So now I’m bringing in all of these wonderful women to my music collection and the problem is that when I’m reviewing them I really have no basis to fall back on for comparison.   To say that Medicine sounds like their contemporaries would be stretching it, but what other options are there as I can’t seem to find anything much closer to pair them with?

                Medicine likes to go a little bit faster than your typical dream pop band, as they can at times almost border on the punk side of the scale.  This kind of makes me want to call them dreampunk, but I shall not be so bold. 

                At times, some video game noises come out, but so do hints of Elastica and Garbage.  There is also some sort of sludge grunge in here which is what I tend to like in just about any band you put in front of me. 

                With male vocals, this album would be good.  With the female vocals that it has, this album is great.  

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