Tuesday, September 24, 2013

SPOTIFY REVIEW: Iron & Wine “Ghost on Ghost”

             In a lot of ways, I feel like someone had the idea for everyone to put out music in 2013, so whoever started it just kept passing it along, like that game telephone in school or maybe tag.   So someone obviously went on tour with Iron & Wine and was like, “Hey, Sam, you in?” and he was probably all, “I don’t know, I just released my new album—“ and then they pointed out people released albums within six months of each other to make this work, so finally Samuel Beam caved and made this album.

            Actually, this album was probably much more carefully crafted than that and the result of much time spent writing, recording and slaving over notebooks, computers and various musical instruments. 

            But I do feel that it has come to the point with Iron & Wine where you can now simply say, “Another album, another good one”.  

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