Wednesday, September 11, 2013

[Play Review] Julius Cesar // 08.23.13 // New Haven, CT

            It had been a while since I had seen Shakespeare in the Park in New Haven because I had spent the last eight years not in Connecticut.   But now that I’m back, it is time for the tradition to continue.

                I must first begin by admitting that I did not know what Shakespeare play we’d be seeing beforehand.  For some reason, I thought it was “Macbeth”, but when we arrived and I asked my dad he told me otherwise. 

                One of the interesting aspects of this show for me was bringing my less than two year old son along.  He was so interested by seeing all the people and then hearing them speak on stage.   Usually, he isn’t even outside that late at night let alone being a part of something he’s never experienced before.

                Before we even began, my son was very interested in walking around and seeing what everyone else was eating.  He clapped along for the sponsors and managed to stay awake up until Cesar went to die.   So, no, he didn’t actually see Cesar (or anyone for that matter) die, which is kind of funny since everyone did end up dying in the end.

                I don’t feel the need to go into the basics of the play, in terms of the story, because it’s Shakespeare.   To me, explaining what happens to you would be like me explaining how to eat to you or how the sky is above us and the ground below our feet.

                This was set in a post-Civil War looking era though, which added an interesting twist to it.   It really modernized it from when it was originally set.   Sadly, no togas, but I think that also probably worked out better for the actors involved.

                All gave a great performance outside on the crisp late summer/early fall night and it was a satisfying way to spend a Friday night.    I just wonder if one day they might set one of Shakespeare’s plays in the future.   That’d be wild.  

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