Monday, September 9, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Meraki/Toska “Blue Jay”

                The band Meraki/Toska are no strangers to me.  I’ve been listening to and enjoying their music for some time now.   Their newest album, “Blue Jay”, is no exception to that.

                At times this is music heavy, while at times it also is just plain heavy.   Musically, it is the indie hardcore style with scream-speaked vocals ala mewithoutYou.   I wish this style had a more specific name, as I don’t prefer “screamo” for it, but maybe someone other than me can invent one someday.

                What you have to understand about M/T, what makes them so special to me, is their lyrics.  When I first heard mewithoutYou, they were on a smaller label, prior to signing to Tooth & Nail.  It was unlike anything I had ever heard before, and it wasn’t just the musical or vocal style either. 

                It was the personal quality that made the lyrics.   It was the singer ripping his heart out and showing it to you, while simultaneously throwing it on the floor.   Lyrics so genuine, so heartfelt are so hard to find not just in this day and age but throughout all eternity.

                Meraki/Toska has that same quality I saw in mewithoutYou all those years back and for that, I love them.

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