Thursday, September 5, 2013

Locrian [Interview # 140]

1)      What does the term “ambient” mean to you, in terms of music?
Terence: Ambient I guess really has to do with space and intensity, the space between notes.  Something that is durational.  I go back to the Ambient series from Brian Eno maybe as my first exposure, the legend is he was inspired by someone putting a record while he was convalescing and bed ridden, and the volume was to low so he had to sit there and like not listen.  I think that kind of passive listening is important.
2)      Who would you say are some prime examples of ambient music, musicians that people who didn’t know what ambient music was should look into first and foremost?
Terence: Prime examples, Brian Eno's Music for Airports is my favorite intro, but I would add the Koan series from Main.  Lustmord Heresy is essential.  Kevin Drumm Imperial Distortion.  Oh and the coup de grace goes to Jean-Francois Laporte's Mantra, the coldest ambient drone recorded in an ice compressor.
3)      You add the black metal of doom into your ambient sound.   Does that mean that those who do not have a boring ambient sound?
Terence: No, I mean I find complete ambient albums very interesting.  And I think ambient itself is very diverse just like black metal.  Both can be boring in the hands of uncreative people who have nothing new to say.  Or stick to orthodoxies established by people who came before them, or follow standards they set and don't deviate.  I think combining influences to find something new is positive.  I mean turn up Aghast's Hexerei Im Zwielicht Der Finsternis or spend some time with Deepchord presents Echospace.
4)      What is it like to be on Relapse Records?
Terence: Great, it's a label I grew up listening to with bands like Enemy Soil, Merzbow, Human Remains and I am excited about groups like True Widow, Ulcerate, Pig Destroyer and Wolvserpent who are on the roster now.  We're waiting for them to reissue all the Release Entertainment material.  More Atrax Morgue and Angel of Decay!
5)      What is it like being from the home of C.M. Punk?
Terence: He's from Chicago?  I guess it's like being from the home of Smashing Pumpkins.  Completely inconsequential.  Also, I live in Baltimore now, I'd rather talk about the Orioles.  When they're winning.
6)      Final thoughts, shout outs, etc…??
Terence: Thanks for the interview.

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