Monday, September 16, 2013

CD REVIEW: Aaron & The Spell "Sing"

             I enjoy most classic rock.  When you think of the classics, yeah, I like to listen to them as much as anyone really.  And of that list, Jimi Hendrix is no exception. 

            One day (but don’t ask me why) I came to the conclusion of how the past portrays the future, the majority and all of that.  My thought was: What if Jimi Hendrix was the Lenny Kravitz of his day?  I’m not saying that people who like Lenny Kravitz are fools, but they are just… not me.  

            So if I was alive in the times of Hendrix, would I feel about him the way that I currently feel about Kravitz?   That is the question. 

            This really rocked my whole faith on music:  U2 to The Beatles, RHCP to Zeppelin, etc.   But then I realized that the music speaks for itself.   Who cares if I wouldn’t have liked Jimi Hendrix if I was alive during his prime.  I very well may have though because times were different back then.

            So when I’m an old man and my son is in his teens, will I feel differently about Lenny Kravitz?  Probably not.  But I’ll still be rocking Hendrix I bet.

            Oh, Aaron & The Spell have a sound that channels Hendrix at best and Kravitz at its worst.   This maybe suitable for some people, but to me he just sounds like either a wannabe Hendrix or Kravitz, neither of which is how anyone should really want to sound despite my love for Hendrix.

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