Monday, August 12, 2013

Better Best [Interview # 122]

RaisedByGypsies (RBG): Did you initially consider naming your band “Worse Worst” but then realize Fred Durst might sue you?
Better Best (BB): Fred actually gave us the green light to use the name but we decided we weren’t big enough Limp Bizkit fans to be reppin’ it.

RBG: You are from San Diego, which is ripe for the picking because of Anchorman.  Do you know Sledding With Tigers?  Are y’all doing a split with him?
BB: Never heard of them. We actually don’t know that many local bands around here. I just turned 21 so I'm finally seeing what San Diego’s music scene has to offer. I’ve been going out to Soda Bar a lot; it’s definitely my favorite venue so far. Still have yet to check out the Casbah although I am seeing Smith Westerns there in a couple weeks. And possibly Sebadoh.

RBG:  Does it haunt your dreams knowing that one day California will either earthquake itself into an island or underwater ala Atlantis?
BB: I think it would be cool if everyone in California lived underwater. I’ve always enjoyed the idea of an underwater civilization and I think Californians are the right type of people to make it work. The next Better Best album will be a concept album, tailored towards those who live underwater. Expect lots of reverb and bubbly synths.

RBG:  “Something of a Reverie” has been available to download at a name your price option since May 22nd of this year.  Are there any plans for a physical release of that album on either cassette or vinyl?
BB: My ultimate dream is to put my music on HitClips. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Google it. You will remember them once you see them. They used to be sold in McDonalds and played *NSync and Britney Spears. They were huge in the 90s/early 00’s. They’re considered ultra-low-fi and I think they’re the perfect format for indie. I’m anticipating a HitClips revolution like we saw with vinyl.

RBG: Do you feel the need to add the “psychedelic’ tag to your music just because you’re from the west coast?
BB: I just added the psychedelic tag because it’s the trendy label nowadays. I feel like a lot of great music coming out now is labeled as “psychedelic”. I’ve also noticed an increase in the popularity of weed. It feels like the 60’s again man. I do think our EP has some genuinely psychedelic moments though.

RBG: Final thoughts, shout outs, etc…??
BB: We just made a music video: (Preview)

Go listen to the EP at And if you like it, like our page We will start playing shows around San Diego in the upcoming months. Prepare your body.

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