Tuesday, July 16, 2013

SBSR: Gloss Varnish "Four Singles"

MP3 REVIEW: Gloss VarnishFloral Groove” [single]

                This song is primarily instrumental, with only faint vocals coming through at times but not more than the music itself.   Like My Bloody Valentine, this song is very shoegaze.   It goes by fairly quick and has an almost drone quality to it.

MP3 REVIEW: Gloss VarnishHaltlos” [single]

                Now we begin with cymbals and a shoegaze guitar.  I’ve only put these songs in this order because they are alphabetical, but so far from the first to second song, this is working for me.   This picks up a little bit more vocals than the other track.    The music is still a lot more prominent than the vocals, even with this song having a seemingly normal amount of vocals.  

MP3 REVIEW: Gloss VarnishI so swear” [single]

                Now we begin a little bit more like the Breakfast Club, a little bit more like The Consolation Project.  I still feel like I’m listening to these songs in a great order for an EP though.  As much as this song is shoegaze, it does also border on FNL.   This has some pretty familiar sounds to it, if you’ve been listening to your shoegaze like good little gazers.   I wonder if Gloss Varnish will just release twelve singles and make me make my own album out of them, haha.   Wouldn’t that be something? 

MP3 REVIEW: Gloss VarnishSuave Song” [single]

                This is starting off decidedly quiet, which makes me think it was the perfect fit to close out the set of four songs.  I don’t know whether they named them on purpose, but wow did this work out well.   Oh, wait, no.   Never mind.   That song was less than a minute so instead of being a short end it would serve better as the beginning. 

All four of these songs are available for individual Name Your Price Download here:

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