Tuesday, July 2, 2013

SBSR: Days Beyond Recall "Cold Ones / Wahine"

$1 to Download // Free to Stream

<1> “Cold Ones” – I was originally going to do this as a “Cold Ones” single, but then the second song was added so here we go.   Wow this is some heavy static.   There are vocals coming through, but they’re hard to hear over the fuzz of everything else and the crashing of the symbols.   Would this be considered garage?  Almost definitely I’d say.  Maybe a hint of surf, but really, how much of a stretch from garage is that anyway?  So, yes, this song does have vocals but I can barely make them out over this beautiful distortion. 

<2> “Wahine” – The distortion doesn’t sound as loud on this track and it has a bit more of a pop sound to it, but yes, the vocals are still hard to make out.  This could be best compared to High Pop in a lot of ways I’d say.  Well, okay, the vocals may not be entirely clear but they definitely seem to be set at a higher level than in the previous song.  Still, a lot of fuzz is never a bad thing.

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