Friday, July 12, 2013

SBSR: Arbor Lights “Hatherton Lake”

<1> “The Silent City” – This begins quite interestingly.   It could go ambient and spacey or it could kick in heavier than that even.   Now a fuzzy guitar is coming through and I’m feeling it.    Enter the indie rock guitar riff.   And now we’re kicking into the FNL.   This isn’t bad, but thus far it is instrumental still and so it’s not showing me anything I haven’t already heard.   Now I start placing mental bets as to whether or not I will make it through this entire SBSR.  Right now, it is not too likely.  I think it’s been a while since I’ve bailed on a SBSR, but I can’t remember when the last time was exactly.   Like I said, this isn’t bad, per se, it just isn’t really breaking any new ground.   The song is going on four minutes now and if I don’t hear some sort of drastic change for the better during the next track, odds are that I am bailing.   This is funny to type, because as I’m listening to this I don’t know what the future holds but you can most likely see the spoilers down the page as to whether or not there are words like this next to the song titles.  If there are then I made it through and if not, then guess what?  We’re approaching the seven minute marker, and this is still excellent FNL, but you know, nothing I haven’t already heard. 

<2> “Interstellar” – I will bail on this song if needed.  So far, we have a drum beat and a guitar riff.  This is quickly going into the FNL territory, I can feel it.   Wow, I just looked it up to see how long I was in for with this song, and while it is only five minutes (Which isn’t long for FNL), the next song is over twelve minutes.   Yeah, I was on the fence and now I’m burning that wooden bastard down.  NEXT!
<3> “Damascus”

<4> “Silhouettes”

<5> “The Mayor & The Diver”

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