Sunday, July 28, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Sensual Harassment “Escape From Alpha Draconis”

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                When you immediately listen to the first song on this album, you think they might just be another attempt by somebody to cash in on the success of Phoenix, because that’s kind of what the first song makes me think.

                After that first song though, this becomes a space oddity.   It’s a space oddity filled with spaceships, lasers and robots.    It can take you back to the 1980’s in a most excellent synth pop way.   It can also make you think of other bands that are current.

                I also really like the lyrics amidst these songs.   The line about life on Mars reminds me of David Bowie.   And perhaps one of my favorite songs I’ve heard in a song in a long time is “I’m only shouting because you never shut up”.   Boy do I know how that feels.

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