Wednesday, July 24, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: RHETORIC “Thoughts and Perspectives”

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                For the first time since moving back to Connecticut, my wife, son and father took a trip up to Massachusetts, which was really only maybe an hour and a half drive.   We stopped in both Springfield and East Hampton, as there are book stores and other such places we like to visit. 

                While in East Hampton, MA we were looking for a place to eat.   We found a pizza shop almost across the street from Newbury Comics and thought we’d give it a try.   When we walked in though, we immediately noticed a limited amount of seating and we’d need at least a high chair for our son, so while my wife and father were discussing other options I was looking at the bulletin board they had up.

                On this bulletin board was a single red CD slip case held up by a thumbtack.   Assuming it was free for the taking because that’s how my gypsy mind works, I removed the thumbtack, took the CD sleeve and put the thumbtack back where I had found it.  

                I was somewhat expecting there to be an actual CD in here, and maybe there was at one time and someone else just took the CD without the packaging, who knows, but the good thing about this is that I basically now have lyrics printed out with the artwork as well as a makeshift case for this CD.  

                Then when I did some research into the band RHETORIC, I found that this album is available for free from Band Camp.   So, basically, I’ve got all of the artwork and outside stuff for this album now.   All I need to do is download the album, burn it onto a CD and then find its way into its home.  Such a clever marketing campaign as opposed to just a business card or flyer with a Band Camp address written on it declaring “free download”.

                Musically, this album comes off like a great kick to the throat.   It’s the punk audacity of the Bouncing Souls mixed with the violence of The Hope Conspiracy.  You need to crank this one and you need to crank it loud.  

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  1. Glad you dig the music man! My name is Felix(vocalist/artist for Rhetoric) and I found a link to this review! It is definitely cool that you found this album which I placed there for promotional purposes. Really enjoyed the small article man, really. We are currently looking for members and writing for new material. Add us! Tell your friends! Appreciate the support!