Friday, July 12, 2013

CD REVIEW: Heaven “Telepathic Love”

                It’s sometimes hard for people to fall instantly in love with a band, but with Heaven it can be very simple.  They have a delightful pop quality that in many ways is the epitome of shoegaze and it just becomes hard to dislike anything about them.
                Telepathic Loves” features guitar driven tracks with sometimes drone-like bass lines.   They tip the scale between FNL and dream pop, forging an almost synth garage pop sound.  (Have I defined shoegaze yet?)  The music can be moderate in tempo or quite mellow, but it never really gets hard or fast.    The closing song begins with an acoustic guitar, as if to signal the end.
                Perhaps the strangest detail about Heaven is that they are not quite pop enough (i.e bad enough) to be what I would consider a radio band, but they’re also note yet “underground” enough to be on the other side of the coin (That is to say, their songs can be for the masses)
                I hear obvious bands like My Bloody Valentine come out, for example, and also some other, lesser known bands.   Something radio friendly like Better Than Ezra can come out enough in certain songs to make me believe that this band could one day have a song on the radio.   On other tracks though, I feel the complete opposite.
                Heaven will probably just go down the same path as MBV- being extremely popular, yet not really a band known for having a song on the radio; not a household name, but one that many people do know and respect.  We need more bands like this.

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