Tuesday, June 11, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Junkie Girlfriend "Sympathy" [single]

Junkie Girlfriend "Sympathy" [single]
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            We’re starting with synth and some beats.  Oh, and now the beats are really kicking in.  I’m ready to go to the club, y’all.    And here come the vocals, which for the first time possibly ever I will say sound like Polly Scattergood.   It’s like somebody locked Polly Scattergood up in a birdcage and made her sing in a dance club where everyone is on ecstasy.   The chorus kicks in with a nice drum machine though that, if heavier, could be “Head Like a Hole”.   Aww, she’s lost her laughter.  I didn’t know my wife had a Band Camp.   This is a much more oonce-oonce dance beat version of Polly Scattergood.  Since I like Polly Scattergood so much, I’m kind of digging this… though at the same time, it does remind me of elements of her new album, so it kind of also just makes me want to listen to “Arrows”.

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