Wednesday, June 26, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: The Fun Part “Move On” [single]

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            The guitar opens almost like a Bush song then goes into some Dramarama notes.   The female vocals kick in ala Letters to Cleo.  This also has a Juliana Hatfield sound to it.  In the chorus, it’s kind of not kicking in as hard for the music but the vocals are getting there.  Now it’s getting the all around Letters to Cleo feel. 

            I do so enjoy this guitar riff that has now come back after the chorus.  “Give me songs I cannot sing right now”.  Welcome to my world, haha!   She certainly says “move on” a lot, which makes sense why it’s the title, but this is still a really good song none the less.  I’m waiting for an album from The Fun Part but will settle for listening to/reviewing these other two songs for now.

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