Sunday, June 2, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Field Division "Faultlines" [single]

Field Division "Faultlines" [single]
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            I’ve been on a pretty lucky streak lately when it comes to downloading/reviewing/streaming singles by bands that I don’t know but end up liking.   I wanted to create some kind of special section on the site for the reviews of singles, but I didn’t want people who were alone to get the wrong idea and right now it’s just easier for me to download them all into the same folder until I fill a compact disc worth of music and hit the burn button.

            With “Faultlines”, I’ll tell you that in order to make the best mixed CD when it comes to all of these singles it’s about pacing and timing.  You want to start off big and open with something that will make people want to keep listening.   If you start a CD too heavy then it will just seem downhill from there, no matter how aggressive the music style.  I used to have a radio show and once made the mistake of opening it up with “Coffee Mug” by Descendants.  That turned out to be a mistake because when I listened to it back I realized I had peaked too soon.

            “Faultlines” has the perfect pace to open nearly any mix you want to make, while also just having some of the most wonderful female vocals I have ever heard.  If I had any desire to be a DJ (and I sort of do, but not really), I would try to put a beat behind this song and remix it for them.  Who knows, one day I might just decide to do that anyway.

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