Sunday, June 2, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Buttons and Mindy / Hit Home Split EP

Buttons and Mindy / Hit Home Split EP
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<1> “Super Nintendo Chalmers” – Song one and we have a Simpsons reference.  Kiefer Sutherland and the Phantom Menace are the subjects of their two singles that I heard before this, so here is to hoping this is just as good.  <press play>  It definitely has math rock in it, but it also sounds like I Kill Giants a lot to me as well.  Oh yeah, this first song is Buttons and Mindy by the way.  They have the first three songs on this split EP.   “Mend the broken bridges of your family tree”.   No deal Animaniacs cartoon within a cartoon!   This still reminds me of IKG, just without the hardcore elements to it.  “The sound of your voice is your tell / I will never wish you well”.   Harsh, dude.

<2> “No One Beats Sub-Zero” – This comes in a bit harder with distortion.  Now it’s getting that indie rock running guitar riff that reminds me of ska still.   If I saw this band live and they played this song, I’d be forced to shout out “Flawless victory!” after it and “Finish him!” during it.  I really like the music but the lyrics are also good so this is just an all around win for me.  “You have the most validating smile I will ever see”.   Ah yes, but can it validate my parking ticket?  Every time I’ve been to Boston, I’ve had to park in parking garages, isn’t that weird?  Now he’s singing high.  Well, high pitched, but he might also be on the drugs I’m not here to judge. 

<3> “Trixie Tang” – This is a combination of the last two songs, where it’s not as fast as the second but faster paced than the first.   And now it reminds me of RxBandits, no joke.   “You can’t always change your mind / And fuck you for trying to change mine”  Exactly.  See what I mean about these lyrics? 

<4> “Unsunset” – This begins the Hit Home set.  And this would be named “Sunrise” if Ray Bradbury had his way.  And we begin with the math rock scramble.  The vocals in this band sound different than Buttons and Mindy, so I guess that’s the best way to tell they’ve switched bands.  This is what I imagine The Early November sounding like if The Early November wasn’t, you know, awful,   Welcome to the land of cymbal crashes.  “I still can’t go outside” I hear that!  Listen to this section near the three minute mark.  Hit Home, you crazy!

<5> “Burdener” – And this is starting heavier.   It’s like a math rock Hot Water Music.  It’s like that modern band ripping off Hot Water Music.  (Boxer Rebellion)  But it still keeps its rocking math rock quality, so I’m still interested.  And now a breakdown, and I think he just screamed “apple pie”.  (Or I’m just hungry still)  That little screaming fit ended near 2:24 and the song is not over.   But apparently it is just destined to fade out not with a bang but with a few guitar notes.

            The funny thing about this split EP for me is that after hearing two songs from Hit Home I can’t tell you whether or not I like their music.  By no means is it bad. But I’d have to hear more of it to see if it’d really jump out and grab me somehow.   Yet, I became a fan of Buttons and Mindy by hearing only two of their songs before this, so who knows.   The bottom line is that it’s worth spending the dollar to download this split EP because really if you paid a dollar for each Buttons and Mindy song (and they’re worth more than that), you’d be paying three times as much.  So yeah, pay the buck and take the ride. 

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