Wednesday, June 5, 2013

INTERVIEW: Underwater Bear Ballet

1) The first thing I always picture when I see your band name is a group of cartoon bears with scuba gear on and tutus. Why do you put this image in my mind?
1) We all love bears and after reading an article about an underwater bear ballet and some acid we got pretty down with that idea.
2) Back when the Mighty Mighty Bosstones were a band (They may still be, I don't know, they're always on and off I think) they had this one guy who would just dance. Can you get a mascot like that in a bear suit with scuba gear and tutu?
2) Maybe, they would have to trash shit on stage or something. They would have to be cool. Maybe just get naked with a bear mask on and play tambourine...that would be cool
3) You are from the same place as Boston baked beans. Who would you say are some good bands coming out of Boston right now? It seems like in the eight years I've been in Texas the east coast music scene has up and moved away.
3) There are so many amazing bands in Boston right now. I would say our favorites right now are Guerilla Toss, Speedy Ortiz, Cloud Becomes Your Hand, Pile, and Fat History Month. I could name bands from Boston all day, the scene here is really good right now.
4) Really, is there a life after youth? Because I say no.
4) I cant really say yet. I see some old people chillin but we're all 20 or 21. There is certainly death after youth.
5) Your band name came about from a newspaper headline, much like "And the HIppos Were Boiled in Their Tanks". Jack Kerouac was born and is buried in Lowell, MA. Coincidence?
5) I'm a fan but yes.
6) Isn't "D.I.Y. Suicide" redundant?
6) Whoa man...thats way too personal
7) Who is the cover photo a rendering of on "original ubb jams"?

7) that was done by my ex.. Probably wont use that ever again.
8) Final thoughts, questions, plugs... etc??
8) Shouts out to All the bands in boston. Shouts out to the Boston hassle for throwing a bunch of shows we all love going to, Shouts out to our moms, Shouts out to Jamie for being my girlfriend, Shouts out to you for asking cool questions, Shouts out to gmail for making this interview possible, Shouts out to Coleman for letting me use your computer to do this interview, Shouts out to Aidan for doing the next couple of shout outs, shouts out to donnie for those last shout outs, shouts out to the devil for making rock and roll possible, shouts out to the people who manufacture my guitars, shouts out to my roommate shane (hope you get better son bro), and shouts out to you reader

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