Thursday, May 16, 2013

SBSR: Tender Bats “Demos Part III”

Tender BatsDemos Part III
<1> “You And Your Effing Celebrities” – This song begins with distorted synth ala Bloody Knives.  Now it’s kicking into a guitar riff I enjoy.  And here come the vocals, though they sound somewhat darker now, don’t they?  And not just because she’s singing “Another day I wake up unsatisfied”.    I do hear some Illegal Wiretaps in this.  And now she says who cares how unique she is.  The lyrics in this song really seem like she’s embracing her low self esteem, which is not something I can do.  Oh, I can flaunt it, but not embrace it. 

<2> “Karma” – This song sounds like happy doom.  I already like these songs musically, because of the first two demo parts, so I’m trying to study the lyrics more on these songs.   Just so you know.   This sounds kind of like JamisonParker.   And why are the bats tender?  And why can’t I stop shaking?   I don’t know, are you sorry?  She has such a beautiful voice, she shouldn’t be sorry. 

<3> “Forsaken Soul” – This song seems to have a lot more soul than the others.  Wow, listen to her belt it out.   Sing that sad song, lady!   This would also be an awesome song to end a 9 song album on.   It’s kind of kicking in, but not really.  It’s just getting more powerful.  Power ballad.   Wow, I can barely type my fingers are shaking.   Damn this medication.   It would be very, very wrong to compare this song to “Nothing Compares to You”, but I do hear it coming out a little bit.

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