Thursday, May 2, 2013

SBSR: Tender Bats “Demos Part I”

Tender BatsDemos Part I

<1> “Fake Girls” – This has a nice fuzzy synth pop rock sound to it.   It’s not really like a lot of stuff I’ve heard before, unless if you kind of take elements of other various bands and put them together.   The female blend in so naturally.  A lot of times bands have their female vocals really stand out from the music- and that’s fine- but these vocals just kind of blend in much more naturally.   I can hear some Metric in here as well.   I like the “let’s stop the music for this little drum part” thing that bands like to do.  And this band definitely knows their way around a guitar.  Wow. 

<2> “Van Gogh” – This begins in a much more shoegaze way.   And with an audio clip as well.  Usually I don’t do this, but I am going to save all three of these demos and put them onto a CD and pretend they are an actual album.   I think Tender Bats, to borrow a business phrase if I can, are leaving money on the table by putting out a record or a demo cassette even because these songs don’t sound like demos.  I love the banging drums in this song.   But yeah, this is supposedly a demo but it sounds so much better than a lot of finished music I end up hearing.   Forget the CD burning idea.  Somebody with a label (or the band themselves) stick these nine songs onto a cassette.   You could easily sell out of these demos if you put them up as a cassette and charged between $5 and $7.   This song does have elements of The Verve in it.   I’m going to email the Tender Bats now about making a cassette, haha. 

<3> “Please Don’t Die” – Now this is really some synth pop rock, perhaps even dream pop.  It has hints of Metric again, but just isn’t a rip off band in any way, so I’m fully rocking this one out.   I’m on the Tender Bats Facebook page now looking for a way to contact them.   Just to update you on my band-stalking, haha.    And I found an email address.  Here we go!!  And this song is ending with some serious feedback, which I do enjoy.    For three songs, this packs a powerful punch.

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