Saturday, May 11, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Vices / Narratives split (Mayfly Records)

Vices / Narratives split (Mayfly Records)
$1 to download / free to stream

            This is another split from Mayfly Records where we have two bands each getting two songs.  WE begin with Vices, who have a slower first track that reminds me a lot of I Am the Avalanche.   Their second song, however, comes in a bit more like Thrice. 

            Coupled with Vices is a band called Narratives and they are just a metalcore type of band.   They remind me a lot of Ed Gein.   But it’s like, you hear Vices start at about a five or six for volume, then crank it to maybe an eight… and then Narratives just comes in and blows it all away to eleven. 

            A truly wonderful split EP. 

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