Friday, May 10, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: David F. Bello & His God-Given Right EP (Broken World)

David F. Bello & His God-Given Right EP (Broken World)
Name Your Price Download (also available for purchase on cassette)
            David F. Bello and, yes, I even suppose His God Given Right, takes us on a rollercoaster ride throughout the five songs on his EP.  Unfortunately, the rollercoaster just basically goes downhill, so it isn’t really much of a rollercoaster at all. 
            Our first track has a line in the chorus of “If I’m alive in 2029 I’ll send a robot to prevent your birth”.   These types of clever lines continue throughout the album and even something as personal as “Don’t talk to my parents” can be a hook.  
            This is the confessional type of music that I enjoy, lyrically, and musically bands from Sledding With Tigers, Flaming Lips, Daniel Johnston, The Rocket Summer and even Bob Dylan can be heard.  It’s just that after the first two songs, we begin our descent. 
            The third is neither really bad nor good, but it does set the listener up for the fall.   By the time I hit tracks four and five I no longer cared about this EP or band, which is really quite sad because I enjoyed the first two songs and had my full attention on them.   What caused me to lose interest?  Well, that is a question for life itself, isn’t it?

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