Monday, April 22, 2013

SHOW PREVIEW: Jamaican Queens / 4.26.13. / The Outer Space / Hamden, CT / $10

Jamaican Queens, If Jesus Had Machine Guns (DJ)
Fri, April 26, 2013
8:00 pm
The Outer Space
Hamden, CT

      What’s in a name?  When I asked my wife if she’d be interested in going to see a band called Jamaican Queens, she immediately asked me whether or not they were ska.  (Odd how I spent the last eight years in Houston only to move back to Connecticut, two of the few places left in this world where ska still exists) 
      Jamaicans Queens, despite their name, are neither Jamaican nor actual Queens as far as I know.   They do not have the sound of the island of Jamaica.  You do not need to break out your Bob Marley t-shirt and fake dreads.   You can get by at this show just wearing what you normally wear— N.R.N. (No Rasta Necessary)
      Jamaican Queens actually produce an electronic sounding pop/indie rock with beats that you’re sure to find enjoyable regardless of how you feel about ska.   Though if you were going to see Jamaican Queens, expecting them to be ska, I bet you will be pleasantly surprised by their sound instead.  
      Aside from their always played and very fun cover of “You” by Mustard Plug, Jamaican Queens really have nothing to do with ska.   In a state like Connecticut, they may get more kids at their shows if they put some checkerboards on their flyers but who knows.   I could maybe stretch and say I heard some slight form of Madness in their song.
      Their new album, “Wormwood”, is what they’re touring in support of, as well as not being Jamaican.   Come see them Friday night at The Outer Space in Hamden for ten dollars.   The fun begins at 8:00 pm.   Other bands playing include a DJ set from If Jesus Had Machine Guns and some band called Javelin.  Check it out.  Should be good times.

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