Wednesday, April 3, 2013

SBSR: Sledding With Tigers “Never Really Good at Sports”

Sledding With Tigers “Never Really Good at Sports”
<1> “Homeless” – This is kind of just like a Homeless maxi-single.   So this begins with a semi-rusty acoustic guitar.  “And there’s something about home that makes me feel homeless”.   As a gypsy I never really feel at home anywhere, which is both good and bad, so maybe this should somehow become the RBG anthem.   Whoa, an electric guitar.   What the folk?!?!?!? 
<2> “(Folk) Up the Punx!” – This song appears to be starting with a ukulele.   Now he’s singing in stereo about being not punk enough for punks and not folk enough for folks.   He also says it’s people that sing at shows that he likes the most. 
<3> “Homeless” (Synth Pop Version) – This is pretty much what it says it is, but forgive me for liking the mostly acoustic version better.
<4> “Homeless” (Bellow Remix) – Okay, and this version I actually like better than the original.   Perhaps Sledding With Tigers needs an entire album remixed by Bellow.   

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