Wednesday, April 3, 2013

SBSR: Drones in Love “Christy E.P.”

Drones in LoveChristy E.P.
<1> “Christy” – This does begin with a nice drone sound.  And lasers.   Whoa, and now some keys begin and we hear the vocals say the titular female name.   This does sound somewhat like a robot singing a song by Gary Jules maybe.    Just before the two minute mark, we get some nice guitar noises and a drum machine beat.   This song just went from quiet and ambient to full laser industrial light show.    And around 3:40 we get out of the loop in which we were stuck and the Christy vocals come back before we end the song.
<2> “You Smell Like You Slept Somewhere Else” – This is starting with that synth sort of bass.   There is also a sort of grinding guitar of some sort in the background.   And just before the minute marker, this comes out with a loud thump and distorted vocals to reflect the song title.   I can’t guarantee that it is (I’ll look it up later on), but this does sound a lot like an Illegal Wiretaps side project to me.    It carries on a little less loud and with a slower, marching sort of drone beat, but I still like this song in its complex simplicity. 

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