Monday, April 1, 2013

SBSR: Ask for Joy “Safe Words EP”

Ask for Joy “Safe Words EP”
<1> “Gentle Girl” – This is that pretty static version of 90s rock that isn’t quite The Breakfast Club but is something along the same time frame.    I know it’s hard.   It has this almost very specific sound to it like The Replacements only not. 
<2> “Closer to Tanya” – Now this definitely has a more Breakfast Club sound to it.   Like she just don’t give a care.   Keepin’ it PG for the ladies.   I respect that.   But yeah, the vocals seem to have gotten a lot deeper as well.  
<3> “To-Night” (PHX Mix) – This also begins with synth to really make it sound like we’re about to not be forgetting about me.    Tonight was made for us.  I’m really listening to this and enjoying it- I promise- it’s just that if my previous review and interview haven’t won you over on Ask for Joy than I don’t know what else to tell you. 
<4> “Swoon” (PHX Mix) – This is not the Silversun Pickups song.   The vocals are deeper on this track as well.   All of this “I swear” stuff is making me think of All-4-One.   If you say you don’t remember them you’re a damn liar.   The vocals do have a bit of Tom Petty in them during the second verse.    Such pretty bells.  My older sister played the bells in high school band, no joke.  

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