Wednesday, April 24, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Within Rust "Born (EP)"

Within Rust "Born (EP)"
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            “I’m ripping you off because I’m your biggest fan”

            Let this single line be the basis for many reviews on this three song EP.   Someone will claim that this band is ripping someone else off, though they have this The Academy Is + Mars Volta sound with a little screamo thrown in for good measure. 

            The second song sounds like a Transformer transforming when it first starts and then for the bridge we get this sort of screamo-rap, which has nothing on B L A C K I E by the way,  That just turns me off on these three songs and sends this to the land of wherever music I download, listen to and then delete goes.

(When I tried to upload the album art for this EP, the server rejected it)

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  1. Nolen, vocalist from Within Rust here. This is my favourite review ever because it sums up how I feel about that EP XD